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Instant, Daily & Manual Payouts for Card Work

Rushpay enables you to get paid for fares daily,
weekly or manually, directly into your bank.

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Why Join Rushpay?

Drivers are the lifeblood of the taxi industry, ensuring we get to our destinations on time and keeping the streets and people moving in the world's biggest cities.

One of the big challenges facing our drivers is that of card payments. As fares are paid more and more by card, you can wait up to weeks at a time for the money from those card payments to make its way into your bank account.

The Rushpay platform changes that.

1000+ Drivers using Rushpay already
30+ Fleets using Rushpay
>£1m In payouts to drivers so far
2000+ Bookings processed daily
Notification You received +£152.50 from your fleet at 01:00 this morning
Notification You received +£74.30 from your fleet at 01:00 yesterday
Notification You received +£92.90 from your fleet at 01:00 on Monday

What Does Rushpay Do?

Rushpay makes getting paid for card work faster
and easier for both you and your fleet.

100% Automated Payouts

No manual work involved for you or your fleet

Daily, Weekly or Manual Payouts

You control the frequency of your payouts

Works Everyday

Payouts made on weekends and bank holidays

Stay Self Employed

Unique payment journey ensures your self employed status

From £1 per Week

Daily payouts from only £1 and no hidden fees

Hassle Free

Fleet fee's are automatically deducted or reembursed reducing hassle and disputes

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How Does It Work?

From a drivers perspective, Rushpay is simple.


Customer Payment

Customers pay for their journey by card, invoice or AirPay.


Rushpay Calculations

Rushpay calculates what you're owed and widthdraws this from your fleets bank.


Your Bank

Rushpay automatically transfers what you're owed into your bank.

Help & FAQ's

Rushpay Overview

An introduction to Rushpay and how it can benefit you and your fleet.

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Signing Up to Revolut

Takes less than 5 minutes and can be used like any other bank card. Find out More.

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How much does it cost?

The standard model which automatically pays you every day is £1 per week. Manual payouts, where you initiate each payout whenever suits you is charged at 50p per payout.

When are payouts made?

Daily payouts are processed between midnight and 4am for the previous day. So if you complete card jobs on Monday, you will have these in your bank, ready to spend by Tuesday morning.

How much do I receive?

This varies depending on your arrangement with your fleet. Some fleets charge a percentage or flat fee - either way, this is automatically deducted from your payments and reflected on your reports.

How do manual payouts work?

Manual payouts can be initiated by you at any time through your driver portal. Funds from your fares collect in your virtual account until you are ready to transfer into your bank.

How do I view and track my payouts?

Your driver portal displays a clear and transparent breakdown of journeys you have undertaken, funds you are owed, funds you have been paid and any fees encured.

What if my bookings are updated or cancelled?

We continuously sync bookings with your dispatch system. Any updates or cancellations made to bookings will be automatically credited/debited from your payouts and shown on your reports.


Rushpay harnesses the industry leading smart bank Revolut to power it's payouts. Your prepaid Revolut card works like any other bank card, allowing you to spend your hard-earned money seamlessly in restaurants, shops, bars, entertainment venues, online and at ATMs.

Creating a Revolut account takes less than 5 minutes and only requires only a few bits of information.

Ready to Join?

Start receiving payouts tomorrow.

1. Check Support

Check with your fleet that they support Rushpay. If not, you can suggest they do.

2. Sign up to Revolut

Takes less than 5 minutes and can be used like any other bank card. Find out More.

3. Connect to Rushpay

From your driver portal, follow the link to Rushpay from your home screen.

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