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For Drivers

Quicker payments

With Rushpay, taxi companies and fleets can get your money from card payments to you the next day, no matter if it’s on a weekday, an evening or a weekend. Using our features, you won’t have to wait for your money and your fares will be delivered to you in no time at all.

Free Revolut card

Rushpay works using Revolut cards which will be supplied to you by your company. Your prepaid Revolut card works like any other bank card, allowing you to spend your hard-earned money seamlessly in restaurants, shops, bars, entertainment venues, online and at ATMs.

Established employment status

When taxi companies and private hire fleets hold on to your payments, it can muddy the waters for your employment status, leaving you as an employee of the company rather than a self-employed agent. Rushpay refines the payment journey, giving you back the feeling of control over your money and your status.

For Fleets

Automatic fare payment

Rushpay takes away the menial and admin-heavy job of manual payments by offering an automatic payment solution. As your drivers complete fares, they receive their money promptly the next day. Companies no longer need to spend time and money making the payments – it’s all handled by our Airpay service.

Improved relationships with drivers

A major issue that drivers can have with their fleets and companies is the length of time it takes for money to work through the company and to end up with them. With quicker payments that land a day after the fare is completed, Rushpay takes the edge off the payment of card-paid fares.

Better uptake of card work

Taking card payments can be looked down on by taxi drivers who dislike them for how long they take to arrive in their wallets – this in turn sees them turn down card-paid work. With Rushpay, card payments no longer carry that stigma, which means more card-paid fares and ultimately, more money for everyone involved.

What Rushpay does

We’ve built an effective and dynamic feature set into our app that focuses on helping you get more from your rides

The features in Rushpay are designed around giving you unfiltered access to the card payments that come through your fleets:

Seamless and swift payments

When drivers get paid by card, the money can take up to a week and a half to filter through from taxi companies through to individual accounts. With Rushpay, fleets provide their drivers with Revolut prepaid cards – when a customer pays by card, the money goes directly to the fleet Airpay account which can send the money instantly to drivers’ Revolut cards.

Hassle-free payment solutions

With Rushpay, all card payments made by customers go straight into an Airpay e-wallet from which drivers are paid. With a barrierless process to payments, drivers maintain their self-employed status with fleets taking on a more hands-off approach, keeping cashflow instantaneous and refined.

Revolut cards for everyday spending

Drivers’ prepaid Revolut cards can be used for all kinds of everyday spending, from withdrawing cash at an ATM to paying for shopping and eating out. Revolut accounts are easy to manage and are controlled by an app and platform that offer investment opportunities, savings options and more.

Intuitive integration with finance software

Our systems integrate effortlessly with Airpay and taxi booking services like Syolo, helping you collate your fleet’s digital presence into one handy place to manage everything about how your business processes its card transactions.

We’re constantly changing, updating and evolving how our app works and the services it offers. For more information about what our app can do, get in touch with us through our contact form here [LINK] or by emailing us at

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